Who The F-Factor Diet is Right for

The F-Factor Diet was created by registered dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot. According to Zuckerbrot, this diet will help individuals discover the secret to permanent weight loss by eating a diet that is low in calories yet high in fiber. In addition to losing weight, dieters will be able to lower their cholesterol and blood pressure when on the F-Factor Diet.

Step-by-Step Program

The F-Factor diet is excellent for individuals who like to have a rigid diet plan established for them. If you prefer to follow direct and specific recommendations and rules of a diet, then the F-Factor diet may be for you. Zuckerbrot effectively outlines a step-by-step program that is easy to follow. These steps will guide you towards permanent weight loss.

Love of Carbohydrates

Unlike so many other diets on the market currently, the F-Factor requires that you eat carbohydrates. When you are on the F-Factor diet, you actually will focus on eating carbohydrates. This diet is centered on eating high-fiber carbohydrates. Fiber helps you feel full sooner and also acts like a sponge that absorbs fats, sugars and certain other carbohydrates. According to Zuckerbrot, the more fiber a food contains, the fewer carbohydrates are stored in the body.

Increase Energy Levels

How often do you feel tired, cranky or sluggish after eating a meal? This may be because the meal was composed of large amounts of sugar or simple carbohydrates. This causes your glucose levels to spike suddenly only to crash very shortly afterward. By adding high-fiber carbohydrates to your diet, you will be able to slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream, which will allow for you to have well-balanced, steady energy levels throughout the day.

No Banned Foods List

If you are looking for a diet that doesn’t provide you with a long list of banned foods, then the F-Factor Diet may be right for you. The F-Factor is the exact opposite of so many other diets that list all the foods that are forbidden, especially carbohydrates. Instead of focusing on all the foods that you cannot eat, the F-Factor diet focuses on adding all the right kind of foods to your diet, including protein and carbohydrates. During the maintenance plan of the F-Factor Diet, no food is forbidden as long as it is eaten in moderation.

Improved Health

In addition to losing weight, the F-Factor diet will help you reduce your risk for diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. Additionally, this diet will help you increase your energy levels. This occurs because the F-Factor diet focuses on fiber intake. Fiber has shown to slow the digestion of carbohydrates, which can help diabetics and promotes healthy digestive tract through elimination, which helps prevent certain cancers, specifically colon cancer.

If any of the above reasons appeal to you, then the F-Factor Diet may be right for you. This easy to follow, three-stage diet plan will help you lose weight permanently, increase energy levels and improve your overall health.


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