Who The Every Other Day Diet is Right for

The Every Other Day Diet sounds simple and is a lot healthier than the many fad diets out there. But just how beneficial is the Every Other Day Diet for long-term weight loss, and who is the Every Other Day Diet right for?

The Science

Designed by former obese fitness professionals, the Every Other Day Diet is followed by thousands of individuals who swear that by following this plan, it allowed them to lose a substantial amount of weight. The science of the Every Other Day Diet works. Feed the body what it needs, especially lots of protein – amino acids for muscle building – and essential fatty acids (EFAs) and the body’s metabolism will remain high. The body then uses up the excess fat in the body for energy rather than storing it as body fat.

The Basics

The Every Other Day Diet allows protein and fat-rich foods to be consumed every other day. The body digests this food and burns a lot of calories in the process because proteins contain amino acids – both essential and non-essential. When the digestive system starts to break down proteins, the complex structures in the amino acids means that the body’s metabolism remains high for many hours afterward. Protein and fat rich foods satisfy the stomach more than carbohydrates. Consuming protein also maintains lean muscle mass, and the more muscle in the body the higher the resting metabolic rate.

Every other day, the body returns to a normal diet full of fats, protein, and carbohydrate. This may sound too good to be true for many people, but by following this simple diet, the Every Other Day Diet can stoke the metabolism to record heights, and therefore burn off those stubborn pounds.

Eating foods that are rich in the right kinds of fat – essential fatty acids – is extremely beneficial for burning off old fat in the body. Nuts, seeds, fish, and cold pressed oils feed the body nutrients, heighten the metabolism, and help to burn off stubborn fat in the body.

The Metabolism

Many people believe that the best way to lose weight is to reduce the daily calorie expenditure. This is true, but the body is smart and realizes when it is not getting its sufficient level of calories to maintain homeostasis. During this time, it may reduce the basal metabolic rate (BMR). This accounts for 60 percent of the daily calories burned on a daily basis. Thirty percent of calories are burned during activities, and the last ten percent of calories are burned during dietary thermogenesis.

The Every Other Day Diet is perfect for individuals who love their food, but do not mind focusing their concentration every other day on high-quality proteins for an increased metabolism that causes fast and permanent weight loss. It is also important to incorporate exercise, especially when protein is consumed by the body. Too much protein – if it is not burnt off by the body – can turn to fat.


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