Who the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet Is Best for

The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet is a diet specifically designed for those who are addicted to carbohydrates and just cannot seem to get their fill of them. There are many “low carb” diets out there today, and each one has different methods of removing the “bad” carbohydrates from our diets. With most of them, you may feel deprived of your most favorite types of food and get discouraged, but this diet seems to approach the low carbohydrate way of eating in a unique way.

The Differences of This Diet

With the Carbohydrate Addicts diet, there are no forbidden foods, but rather the quantity in which your favorite foods are consumed is reduced. The whole premise of the diet is to gain control of the body’s insulin resistance, which is what causes the cravings for carbohydrates to begin with. By controlling the amount of carbohydrates that your body consumes, and when you consume them, the result is that the non-stop cravings disappear, and your body is no longer addicted.

Is This Diet Right for You?

This diet is for those that have had a difficult time with other diets because they felt deprived. For those with an actual physical addiction (insulin resistance) to carbohydrates, the diets that take away most, if not all, carbohydrates do not seem to work.

This diet will work for you because it not only keeps the delicious foods in your diet, but also works in a way that will correct the insulin in your body, taking away the need to constantly eat. The diet claims to take away cravings completely by restoring the insulin balance in the body.


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