Who the Anabolic Diet Is Right for

The Anabolic Diet was introduced in the mid 1990’s for bodybuilders and competitive athletes to allow muscle building and fat loss at the same time. Dr. Mauro DiPasquale developed the diet as a natural alternative to steroid use. He has developed The Anabolic Solution Diet, which is an evolution of The Anabolic Diet. The Metabolic Diet is less strict and allows for more variability between individuals and their particular needs.

What Is the Anabolic Diet?

Anabolic is a process of “building-up” the tissues and organs. As opposed to catabolic, which is the process of “breaking down” the tissues and organs. The Anabolic Diet is based on the theory that if you shift from eating very low carbohydrates to high carbohydrates, your body will use insulin’s anabolic effects, while at the same time, limiting insulin’s effect on fat storage. The idea is to restrict carbohydrates during your week and to carbohydrate load on the weekends. The increase in carbohydrates will allow you to maintain the intensity and stamina in your workouts.

The Effectiveness of the Diet

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests that this diet does work. However, there are many questions and concerns about its effect on our health. Some of the risks of a low carbohydrate diet include nutritional deficiency, osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer, and kidney function. Not to mention some of the symptoms that people have reported experiencing such as a decline in cognitive function, severe mood fluctuations, extreme fatigue, headaches, constipation, and even rashes.

Until there are long-term studies providing evidence that there are no ill-health effects from low carbohydrate dieting, sticking to a more balanced macronutrient diet with a low caloric intake will prove healthier and more effective for weight management in the long run. It may take you a little longer to shed those pounds, but your heart and health will thank you. So go ahead, grab that piece of fruit!


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