Who the Alternate Day Diet Is Right for

The alternate day diet is for those who relish the thought of being able to eat anything and everything they desire, while still being able to lose weight. If you are able to restrict yourself to eating almost nothing one day to be able to eat whatever you choose the next, this diet is perfect for you.

How the Diet Works

The basic rules of the diet is that there are up days when you can eat whatever you choose and down days when you are restricted to 300-500 calories. On your up days the types of foods you can eat are without limitless with one exception, trans fat should be avoided throughout the diet, whether it’s on an up or down day. Besides having to avoid trans fat, there are really no specific foods that have to be avoided. On the up days, you should eat as much as you want, but stop when you feel satisfied.

The Ideal Candidate

The best candidate for this diet will be in good physical shape and have permission from a doctor to proceed with the diet. Due to the nature of the down days restricting your body to so few calories, it is essential that you have the go ahead from a doctor that it is safe.

Something else that will make you the ideal candidate for this diet is that you have failed to lose weight on more traditional diets that simply restrict your calorie or carbohydrate intake. The creator of this diet maintains that this method of eating many calories one day and nearly none the next sends the metabolism system into over drive, which in turn leads to the weight loss.


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