Who Should Consider the Egg Diet?

The egg diet is a great way to lower cholesterol and lose weight. For those seeking a low carbohydrate plan, the egg diet is sure to work. Despite eggs receiving mixed reviews regarding their nutritional value, the egg diet has truly helped countless individuals. If you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight, this diet is surely for you.

The Plan

The egg diet is based on nutritional fasting. This is not, however, a form of starvation to achieve results. The process enables you to consume nutrients, while staying away from fatty carbohydrates. Carbohydrates fuel fat cells, which can lead to an array of issues. Even though good carbohydrates exist, this diet targets bad carbohydrates. By refraining from these fats, dieters can effectively eliminate fat fuels. This results in good weight loss, and secures a healthier lifestyle. With any diet, you should always consult a physician first. The egg diet is virtually for anyone that wants to lose weight and increase energy levels. With this diet, you can also consume unlimited portions of eggs, steak, and other low carbohydrate foods.

Will it Work?

The egg diet is practically for everyone. Since most people eat eggs on a weekly basis, the diet simply enhances its benefits. If you, however, cannot consume eggs due to health reasons, you should not pursue with this diet. Eggs are an intricate part of this diet, and work with other low carbohydrate foods to ensure results. From young to old, the diet has been proven to work, when implemented correctly. If you continue to consume high carbohydrates, you will not achieve desired results. The first week of the diet must be properly monitored. This is the time where you body adjusts to the plan. It can also cleanse your system of unwanted fats, before fully utilizing its new nutrients.


The egg diet is perfect for low carbohydrate regimens. There are, however, a few withdrawal symptoms you might experience. These are not life threatening, and normally are associated with the egg diet. Since many of us consume carbohydrates daily, lowering this intake may cause weakness. This is due to fat cells operating in reverse, as opposed to forward. The weakness can be combated with water, fruit, or juices that are low in carbohydrates. Others may experience nausea and slight headaches. These withdrawals usually last a day or two, before you settle in with the diet. If the symptoms persist, please contact a physician. It is almost important to test your cholesterol level, before beginning this or any diet.

The Menu 

There are several egg diet menu plans online. While some differ, the common factor is low carbohydrate foods. These include steaks, cheese, and of course, eggs. You may consume unlimited quantities, however, moderation is the key. This allows you to enjoy a diverse food range, while lowering cholesterol levels and losing weight. The menus do not offer foods that are high in carbohydrates. These include breads, rice, and salty snacks. You can also integrate water, low fat milk, and selected juices as part of the diet. It is also important to limit consumption of sugary snacks. No matter your preference, the egg diet menu will keep you full, as you shed those unwanted pounds.


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