Who Should Consider the Eat-Clean Diet?

The Eat-Clean Diet is a diet that is designed for the typical woman who is affected by the normal stresses of life, such as balancing a family and a job while trying to lose weight and finding time to exercise. This diet is designed for women who are willing to overhaul both their eating habits and fitness regiment to lead to weight loss. To show the success of this lifestyle, the author, Tosca Reno herself went from being 204 pounds to competing in bodybuilding competitions at age 42.

So Much to Eat

Unlike so many other diets, the Eat-Clean diet is about eating, not starving yourself. When looking at the meal plan for the Eat-Clean diet, you may actually be overwhelmed by the amount of food recommended per day on this diet. This is because you will be able to eat more fresh foods a day compared to your previous junk foods. The Eat-Clean Diet recommends six small meals a day. No meal should be skipped. The meals feature every food group, including carbohydrates and fats.

Overhaul Your Life

The Eat-Clean Diet isn’t simply about losing weight. It is designed to help increase your energy levels, increase your metabolism, boost your appearance, especially in your skin and hair, and improve your lung and heart capacity. This diet is designed around fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and high-quality lean proteins.

No Counting Calories

The Eat-Clean Diet is not about counting calories. Because the foods on this diet are clean and free of chemicals and preservatives, then your body will respond to foods differently. According to Reno, 1600 calories of junk food will affect your weight differently from 2000 calories of fresh, whole foods. Therefore, the Eat-Clean diet recommends portion sizes instead of counting calories. If you stick to the principles of the Eat-Clean Diet, then you will experience weight loss while providing your body with its necessary nutritional needs.



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