Who Should Consider the Clean Program?

The Clean Program is the program for you if you are someone looking for a simplified way to lose weight while simultaneously detoxifying your body. The Clean program is not technically the diet portion of the plan. It is followed in conjunction with the Elimination diet, which involves eliminating certain foods from your diet. Recipes and instructions on exactly what the Elimination portion of the program entails are available once you order the program kit.

Clean Program Basics

Created by Alejandro Junger MD, the Clean Program detoxifies the body in 21 days and promotes weight loss and overall well-being. The program consists of 21 days of drinking a specially designed shake, made from the protein of brown rice, for breakfast along with your morning supplements. Lunch is to be the only solid meal of the day and is an Elimination friendly meal, plus afternoon supplements. Dinner is another nutrient filled shake and the evening supplements.

Dr. Junger asserts that if you change the way you eat by eliminating all processed foods and eat nothing but nutrient-rich foods in their natural state, such as fruits vegetables, legumes, etc…, combine these foods with the shakes provided and take the carefully chosen supplements, you will allow your body the ability to heal itself of any ailment or issue. The result is weight loss, a better digestive system, and a toxin-free body.  

The Right Choice?

Those who will benefit most from this program are those with a very active lifestyle, who will find it convenient to have two meals that consist of only shakes and supplements. Most diets require the careful preparation of three meals a day and this one only includes one.

Other great candidates for this program are those who suffer with intestinal issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The creator himself, Dr. Junger, suffered with IBS in earlier years and this is one of the ailments that he was able to rid himself of by following his own program. 


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