Who Should Consider the Abs Diet?

If you want a plan that does not involve counting calories and gives you the flexibility to eat six meals a day, the Abs Diet may be the right diet for you. Every meal must contain 2 to 3 powerfoods such as dairy and protein, and once a week you are allowed to eat whatever you want for one meal. Combining this with an exercise regimen that is high on abdominal work, you can lose weight, especially around the middle, and feel great doing it.

Why the Abs Diet?

For many, the routine of tracking calorie consumption is too much to manage. While the Abs Diet does require plenty of planning, you don’t have to skimp on food with 6 daily meals. The program, which lasts 6 weeks, is a problem solver aimed at trimming fat from the waistline (more than a lifestyle change).  

The diet is broken up into 3 meals and 3 snacks. Snacks should be eaten 2 hours before lunch, 2 hours before dinner and 2 hours after dinner. There are 12 powerfoods you can choose from, though you only need to select 2 to 3 per meal and 1 per snack. These powerfoods include beans, nuts, green vegetables, protein powder, lean meats and whole grains.

How Much Can You Lose on the Abs Diet?

The diet’s creator says that 20 pounds is the maximum weight loss over the course of the 6 week program. That includes gaining 4 to 6 pounds of muscle in men and 2 to 4 pounds in women. In some cases, there may be less weight lost, but an improved overall shape and strength.

If you are not interested in completely restricting certain foods from your diet, the Abs Diet may be a good choice for you. Easy to follow and lasting only a short time, this diet can produce results if you stick with it and follow the accompanying exercises.


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