Who Is the Park Avenue Diet Right For?

If you long for a lifestyle change, including losing weight, developing self confidence and interpersonal skills and getting a complete makeover, the Park Avenue Diet may be just the one for you.

What is the Park Avenue Diet?

A 6-week diet plan, the Park Avenue Diet is much more comprehensive than a traditional diet. It combines a complete lifestyle makeover with a low-calorie diet to help produce more lasting results. Promoting such things as poise, fitness, fashion, beauty and etiquette, the Park Avenue diet focuses on behavior modifications to create change. The Park Avenue Diet is a temporary plan with a diet portion that includes a low-calorie restrictive diet of 1250 to 1350 calories per day.

What You Can Eat?

On the Park Avenue Diet you can eat three meals daily along with one snack. The menu for the diet includes a variety of well-balanced foods, including fruits, vegetables, seafood, lean meats, and a small amount of dairy and whole grains. There are several daily menu plans outlined in the book that include recipes and nutritional information so that you can plan your own diet. Most sweeteners, sugar and sweets are eliminated from the diet.

If you are interested in a temporary diet plan like this that is aimed at dropping some excess weight and transforming your self image, the Park Avenue Diet may be the right one for you. The self confidence and beauty advice is solid, however for a lasting diet and lifestyle change, this may not be the one for you. The low-calorie count is not suitable for weight maintenance and there is no information included regarding putting exercise into your lifestyle.


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