Who Is the Fast Food Diet Right for?

The fast food diet is geared towards the person who has very little time to make home-cooked meals and opts for the ease and convenience of eating food on the go. Everyday millions of Americans follow this pattern of eating out and making bad food choices. The premise of this diet is that you can eat at fast food restaurants while dieting and lose weight by eating smarter.

The Basics

This diet is simple in that all you have to do is make better food choices. Instead of ordering fried food filled with unhealthy trans fat, choose the grilled food like the grilled chicken sandwich that seems to be on every fast food restaurant. To replace the unhealthy fries, order a salad but replace the cream based salad dressing with a healthier choice of one that is vinaigrette based. You can even replace the forbidden fries with a baked potato.

The diets creator recommends your daily intake of calories not exceed 1500 calories and incorporating walking into your daily activity. Walking a mile a day and only eating 1500 calories of “good” fast food will allow you to shed pounds.

Does it Really Work?

There are many who may not believe that eating fast food allows you to lose weight, but this is not true. By choosing only the healthy options given to you at fast food restaurants, remaining at or below 1500 calories a day and walking the required mile, it certainly is possible to lose weight on this diet.

This diet is perfect for the fast paced world we live in today. It requires no special recipes, no constant calorie counting or starving yourself.


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