Who Is the Eco Atkins Diet Right For?

The original Atkins Diet helps promote considerable weight loss with a high protein diet that includes fatty meat, eggs, dairy products and cheese. These diets are most suitable for meat eaters. Initially, vegetarian dieters seemed like an unsuitable group for the original Atkins Diet plan. Now, however, there is a plan known as the Eco Atkins Diet that appeals to vegetarians.

Eco Atkins Diet for Vegetarian Eaters

The Eco Atkins Diet includes soy, wheat protein, grains, beans which are high supplements of protein, nuts, seeds, avocados, canola oil and olive oil. These vegetable proteins, along with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, are the main sources of food on this diet plan.

Natural Food Lovers

Though Eco Atkins is a vegetarian kind of diet, some do not include cheese, milk and other heavy dairy products. This diet is ideal for green veggie eaters, especially admirers of natural foods who can afford to combine them with low carb foods.

Diet mix

The Eco Atkins Diet plan should include a right mix of 150 gms of protein (mainly from soy, grains and nuts) in the daily diet regime. For those who really find it difficult to carry on with just soy or wheat protein, they can try some other high proteins such as lentils, legumes, chick peas and a variety of nuts like macadamia, almonds, etc. Other sources of this diet include fresh fruits, oats, barley and food containing good fats.


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