Who Is the Cheater's Diet Best for?

The Cheater’s Diet is a diet that was designed with a lot of different types of people in mind. This diet is designed to get you eating healthy during the week, specifically Monday through Friday as well as promoting physical activity in the form of workouts or aerobic exercise. The weekend, however, is an entirely different story. From 9 AM Saturday until 9 PM Sunday, you are not only allowed to cheat, you are encouraged to cheat.

The Right Diet?

You may be wondering if this is the diet for you because, let’s face it, being told you can cheat each weekend sounds pretty great, right? This counters the road block of cravings you would encounter on a normal diet, but this is not the diet for everyone because it does rely on two important factors:

  • Eating healthy during the week – you have to do this or the weekend cheat time will destroy your diet.
  • Exercising or being physically active during the week – without this, your body’s metabolism won’t stay in high gear during the weekend and you won’t burn off your cheating calories.

The Plan

The Cheater’s Diet is designed for people who will stick to the plan until it becomes a way of life. You have to have the following qualities for this diet to work:

  • Desire – a desire not only to lose weight but to make a change in your life including your approach to food.
  • Dedication – without dedication you won’t exercise when you are supposed to and your cheating may spill over into the week effectively rendering the plan useless.
  • Will Power – you have to be able to have the willpower to hold off until the weekend to allow those cravings that may creep up during the week.



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