Who is the Best Candidate for Muscle Stimulators?

Muscle stimulators are machines that use an electrical current to stimulate the muscles. These machines are also called electrical muscle stimulators. This machine takes electrodes and places them on the damaged muscles and the current is received through these electrodes. These machines are regularly used for rehabilitation of damaged muscles. Athletes and sports stars are the most common type of persons to use muscle stimulators in their recovery process.


Athletes put their bodies through all sorts of stress during training and during their specific sport of choice. From time to time, injuries will occur. Some injuries will be worse than others and the bad ones will require rehabilitation to get them back to competition form. Electrical muscle stimulators are commonly found in sports rehabilitation centers.

Muscle Stimulators

Muscle stimulators are a light weight, compact machine used to contract and relax the muscle. This is done to help mimic what the muscle would be doing naturally. The current will also tone and strengthen the muscle. When the damage muscle is being worked on and being contracted and then relaxed, the muscles around the damaged muscle will step up and help the damaged muscle out. With all of the muscles working together, the recovery time for rehabilitation will be much faster and will be much less painful.

Athletes and sports enthusiasts are the largest group of people who put their bodies and their muscles under the greatest amount of stress. From time to time, that stress will lead to injuries and muscle stimulators are used to speed up the recovery time for damaged muscles.


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