Who Is the 5 Factor Diet Right For?

The 5 Factor Diet, originally created by personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, was designed for celebrities with busy schedules and limited time and resources (who needed to cook tasty and nutritious meals and find time for exercise so that they could keep their fabulous figures). It is a 5-week plan designed to give visible results through eating 5 small meals a day (each made up of 5 healthy and scrumptious ingredients), engaging in 25 minute workouts and ensuring that cheat days (5 in 5 weeks) are observed!

Is 5 Factor Right for You?

If you are swamped with work, rushed off your feet and are constantly having to find ingenious ways to cook nutritious meals for you and your family, then the 5 Factor diet could be perfect for you. In the same way, if you find it difficult to sustain gym attendance or you don’t like the atmosphere (or you simply don’t wish to pay for a gym membership), the 5 Factor diet could be just right for your needs. It works because exercise times are shrunk to just 25 minutes per session rather than the one or two hours a gym visit requires. These short sessions can be fit in during lunch breaks or even before or after work.

If you have a sizeable appetite and find yourself snacking throughout the day, then eating the 5 meals a day that the 5 Factor diet permits means you can curtail your snacking. You won’t be fighting hunger, and the meals reportedly take only 5 minutes to make; once again, time won’t be an issue.


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