Who Is the 3 Hour Diet Right for?

A 3 hour diet is a diet program that supports 3 major meals, a snack and a dessert. Another vital component of this diet is strictly following a timetable when eating. Each meal, snack or dessert has to be eaten at a 3-hour interval. 

You’ll probably ask, “Is this diet right for me?” Continue reading and find out if this is a diet that will work for you.

3 Hour Diet and Control

Do you have a hard time stopping once you start eating? Is it difficult for you to eat just a small amount every meal? If your answer is yes to both questions, then this diet may not be right for you. Experts say that some people have difficulty in controlling their food intake come mealtime. With more meal times, the possibility of overeating is increased. 

On the other hand, a person who can exercise control and can limit her food intake based on the required calories per meal will definitely have more success on this diet.

3 Hour Diet and Timing

If eating regimentally is not a problem for you, then the 3 hour diet is worth a try. Strict adherence to an eating timetable requires utmost dedication. For people who don’t care much for schedules and have a hard time sticking to them, the 3 hour diet may not work.

3 Hour Diet and Calorie Counting

With this diet, counting calories is a must. Although there are books and several online resources that contains various meal suggestions, you will still have to count calories every once in awhile. This is especially useful when you want to plan your own meals. If you do not mind keeping track of every calorie you consume, then you’ll probably enjoy this diet program.

If you have determined that this diet may be the diet you’re looking for, then the next step is to research more and plan ahead.


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