Who Is the 3 Apple a Day Diet Right for?

The 3 apple a day diet was created by Tammi Flynn, who is a registered dietician and nutrition director. The 3 apple a day diet is incomparable to other known diets, for the simple fact that this weight loss plan is based on eating fruits. Starvation is not a requirement on this diet, nor are there harmful drugs that a dieter has to take in order to lose the weight.

How Does The 3 Apple a Day Diet Work?

The 3 apple a day diet includes a less stressful approach that enables a dieter to lose weight. This can be accomplished through a series of regular exercises that includes cardiovascular and weight training, and eating three balanced low fat meals per day. With the 3 apple a day diet, you are required to eat an apple before each meal, three times a day, until you reach your acquired weight loss goal. This diet plan is deemed effective because an apple contains fiber that makes you feel full. Therefore, this plan can work to your benefit because you will be able to eliminate hunger pangs.

Can You Eat 3 Apples a Day?

The 3 apple a day diet is a healthy and safe plan to achieve weight loss if you can follow the routine. If you’re someone who enjoys eating apples each day, this can be a long term diet that is right for you. However, there are people who might find it difficult to commit to eating apples every day, and will eventually give up on the diet.  Eating 3 apples a day is a smart food choice that will not only maintain your weight loss, but can also make you healthier.


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