Who Are the Anne Collins Diets Best for?

Nutritionist Anne Collins designed a weight loss program that is suitable for everyone to lose weight through lifestyle changes. With the Anne Collins diet, there are a total of nine different plans for you to choose from. Each of these diet plans are geared towards different objectives that fit the need of the dieter. These nine completed diet plans are downloadable eBooks, that are only accessible to people who enroll in a one year membership plan that costs less than $20. Anne Collins online program also allows members to use online resources that each individual needs to accomplish weight loss.

The Plan

The Anne Collins weight loss program is a practical 28-day meal plan that encourages people to alter their caloric intake. The nine diet plans consist of a low-carb diet that is sensible, because it can essentially work for everyone. The nine different options include:

  • A 14 Day Low Calorie Booster Diet
  • 10 Minute Meals Diet
  • Low Glycemic Index Diet
  • The Healthy Low Carb Diet
  • A Cholesterol Lowering Diet
  • No Nonsense Balanced Diet
  • Diet For Life
  • Vegetarian Quick Start Diet
  • Vegetarian Diet For Life


If you have the motivation to lose weight, this flexible diet plan can work for you. The main goal of this weight loss plan is to change your eating regimen by eating healthier and losing weight. You are required to focus on eating healthy foods, controlling food portions, and an exercise routine that will give you long-term results.



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