Which Weight Control Program Is Right For You?

With so many weight control options available, how can you determine what weight control program is right for you? Although it seems like there are as many plans as there are dieters looking to use them, sometimes it’s not as difficult as you might think to determine which program you need to use. First, you need to determine what you’re looking for in a program, and then you need to know what types of programs are available.

Determining Your Program Parameters

Choosing a program will come down to your personal needs. Consider whether you:

  • have a budget limit
  • need to lose weight quickly
  • need to control existing weight
  • have specific health concerns
  • need medical intervention
  • require significant accountability

You need to understand the different types of programs. The one thing you know if you’ve considered weight control/loss programs is that they are not all created equal. 

The Do-It-Yourself Approach

Books and online weigh control programs like the South Beach Diet or the Richard Simmons Plan give you a “do it yourself” approach. You choose the level of interaction you need, ranging from reading the materials and creating your own plan, from the information you learn, to registering online for actual program interactives. Choosing an on line program is much easier if you know whether you’re looking for a calorie weight control plan, a plan that features weight control foods, a program to control fat, or one to provide nutrition. 

The Weight Control Professional Approach

Determining what kind of diet, exercise plan, or combination that will work best for you may be more complicated than you’re comfortable tackling. Professionals range from consulting your personal physician for recommendations, hiring a dietitian or personal trainer, or trying a weight control center. Some programs, like LA Weight Loss, feature weight control centers that provide personal weight loss counselors to design a program for you and monitor your progress.

The Boot Camp Approach

Maybe your weight control issues just need a jump-start. A weight loss camp might be a good option for you. Camps typically feature over-night stays for a week or more. However, they give you the option of joining others with the same goals in an environment of weight loss training. You immerse yourself in the activities and instruction needed to get you on track with your weight loss goals. Often the concentrated  effort results in a quick and noticeable result. Camp attendees often leave with the skills needed to pursue life-long weight control and the supporting relationships needed to make the journey more doable.

The Surgical Approach

For dieters with a tremendous amount of weight to lose or serious weight-related health issues to manage, surgical solutions might be a necessary option. A weight control doctor is trained to assess your weight loss needs and the best medical treatment for achieving success. Facilities like the Mayo Clinic and New York’s Bariatric Surgery Clinic offer on line information about their doctors, services, and centers throughout the US.


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