Which Swimsuit Is Best for Your Body Type?

Swimsuit season seems to always be around the corner, and as certain as the department stores are installing that florescent lighting, you are probably not excited to start trying them on. Keep in mind your body type when you are looking for a suit, and you’re likely to find more suits that look great on your body and less to feel bad about. 

Athletic Figure

Your body is characterized by being straight all the way down, with little difference in size from bust through waist and to hips. Thanks to some hard-core workouts, you probably feel pretty confident putting on a suit, but getting it right is another challenge. 

The best suit for you is one that pulls your eye to the top and bottom. Try a brightly colored or patterned bikini, or a tankini or one piece that has cutouts at the waist or a dark color in the middle to give the illusion of a smaller waist. Look for details like ruffles or heavily patterned pieces to enhance your top and bottom. For a bikini, lots of ruffles on the top and a ruffle or two on the bottom will add volume to your chest and bootie, bringing your eye to those parts.

Large Chest

Bathing suits are a case where less is definitely not more when you are endowed with a large chest. Try a suit with an underwire for support, or even a halter to keep your chest up. Go for full coverage cups with thicker straps that tie behind the neck, to keep it comfortable. 

Small prints or dark suits or tops will minimize breasts, or any body part for that matter. Stick to those and you will feel more confident and sexy.

Small Chest

Small chested women are lucky enough to get away with lots of top styles. Add interest with bright colors, adornments or ruffles. You can go full coverage if that makes you comfortable, but don’t shy away from less modest styles. Triangle tops and bandeaus are usually still substantial for a small top half.

Don’t forget about the padding!  Most suits come with some minimal padding to help shape the breasts and add a little size. Leaving them in at any size is never a bad idea–it may get cold at the beach!

Pear Shaped Body

When you are bigger on the bottom, play up the top!  Take into account the advice for small chested women and use it to even out your proportions. Go for a skirtini or a semi-sheer sarong to boost your confidence when you are walking around the pool deck. As for the bottom, keep the color dark. Think separates, where you can wear a dark bottom with a coordinating, patterned or bright top.  

Many pear shaped women make the mistake of buying a bottom with more coverage.  However, a higher cut bottom lengthens the leg, again, evening out your proportions. A great cover-up will take care of the rest!

Self-Conscious Stomach

Most women pick their butt or their stomach as their problem areas. You can still find a great suit to mask your stomach and feel sexy.

A one-piece suit is the easiest way to mask a tummy. Consider a monokini–the back has the sex appeal of a bikini, but the front looks like a one-piece–for the most minimal coverage. Or, play up your chest or legs by finding a low cut suit or high cut legs. Ruching, or gathering, on the sides will really hide a tummy, and often hold you in. Finally, a tankini is a a great way to go two-piece, but still have the extra coverage.

No matter what your body type, there is a great suit for you. Pay attention to your favorite body parts, and not what looks great in the ad or magazine.


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