Which Sweetener is Best in Coffee?

Deciding which sweetener to add to your coffee might be a little easier if there were fewer options. You could choose any of the many sugar substitutes like Splenda, NectaSweet, Sweetzfree, Equal, Sweet ‘N Low, Stevia powder, sugar alcohols, Xylitol or just go with good old-fashioned natural sugar. Even sugar comes in a multitude of forms ranging from the regular white or brown grains to powders and liquids. So many options might have your brain spinning, but there is no need to fear the decision that comes with your morning cup of coffee.

Unhealthy Sweeteners

Many of the choices you may find for artificial sweeteners contain substances that are known to cause bodily damage. Some of these contain chemicals such as aspartame, sucralose, saccharin and neotame. Some of these such sweeteners are:

  • Equal
  • Nutrasweet
  • SugarFree Gold
  • Sweet ‘N Low
  • SugarFree Natura
  • Splenda

The Healthier Alternatives

When looking for a perfect match for your morning cup of joe, there are a few things to think about before you know what kind of sweetener to choose. If you’re trying to avoid carbohydrate fillers and pronounced aftertastes, then you should go for a sweetener that comes in a liquid or a ‘quickpack.’ Your best bet may be to blend together a group of sweeteners to rid yourself of any flavors you disapprove of while keeping the sweet flavor you’re looking for. A few sweeteners to think of trying are:

  • DaVinci Simple Syrup
  • FiberFit
  • Xylitol
  • Erythritol
  • Netrition
  • Stevia Pure White Extract Powder

In short, there are many different sweeteners you can use in coffee that will fulfill your needs. Everyone is different, and so are their tastes; the best thing to do is experiment. Find whatever free samples you can and try as many of your options as possible. That way you can come with a clear, complete view of your options and which one works best for you.


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