Which New Sugar Substitute Is Healthiest?

With so many new products on the market it may be hard to find the right new sugar substitute for you. Many harmful side effects have been reported that have been linked to artificial sugar consumption, so it is imperative that you read up on them before trying any of them. Which one is healthiest is a debatable topic, though there has been significant headway made in finding which one is best for the average human body.

Artificial Sweeteners

In general, most artificial sweeteners are not good for the human body. Most sugar substitutes are made of chemicals that your body fails to recognize as food. This causes your body to push them through the system without actually digesting any of it. That is how most artificial sweeteners obtain their ‘calorie-free’ label–because you cannot gain calories from something that is not digested.  Unfortunately, these chemicals aren’t all made to simply flush through your system, and sweeteners like aspartame stay in your system, deposited in pockets of tissue.

The first step in finding which sweetener is the healthiest is to check the harmful ones off of the list of potentials. Sucralose has proven that it can be harmful, but the more conclusive results were only found in laboratory rats. Saccharin is another artificial sweetener known to cause adverse health effects.

The Healthiest Of Them All

Natural sweeteners, such as  agave nectar or whey low, have been found to be the healthiest. Unfortunately, both have calories, so if you’re looking for healthy and calorie-free the healthiest choice is Stevia. It’s been used for centuries, and has been used in Japan for decades as well with no adverse side effects.

The Stevia plant is harvested in Paraguay and other warm regions. The leaves of the plant are known to be up to 300 times as sweet as table sugar, so you use less of it in your food or beverage. It is known to have a licorice-like aftertaste when consumed in large quantities. It’s not only a low-carbohydrate and low-sugar alternative, but it also has health benefits.

Health Benefits

The Guarani tribes of Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil have used Stevia for centuries as a sweetener in their yerba mate and medicinal teas. The sugar substitute has been used to treat sunburns and has shown promising progress in lowering high blood pressure. The plant is also known to enhance glucose tolerance, making it a perfect sweetener for diabetics and dieters alike.

There are many sugar substitutes out there, and every person’s body is different. What works as a healthy substitute for one person could just as easily cause a different reaction to another. When trying new things and adding them into your diet it is always best to start out with small doses.


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