Which Is Better for Weight Loss: Treadmill vs. Exercise Bike?

It used to be that the words weight loss and treadmill were synonymous. Now with all of the exercise equipment that is available, should you switch it up a bit and trade in the treadmill for the exercise bike?

Which one Burns More Calories?

In a one hour session on a treadmill most people burn an average of 750 calories. People burn approximately 550 calories per hour when they pedal on an exercise bike. So it’s a simple choice right? Not necessarily. Treadmills only burn 200 more calories per hour if you use them, and studies show that people need to consider more than just how many calories a piece of equipment can burn.

Which One is the Least Boring?

Most people find that riding an exercise bike is less boring than walking on a treadmill. This is mainly because on a treadmill all you can do is walk. While on an exercise bike that is equipped with a book stand, you can read. However, it is possible to cure the monotony of using an exercise bike or a treadmill, by listening to music or placing either machine in front of the television. 

Why Does it Matter Which One is Less Boring?

We all know that to lose weight you must exercise. One of the biggest challenges to maintaining an exercise regime is boredom with the exercise. If you are bored to death while you exercise you may not be able to consistently make yourself do your workout. A consistent exercise program is as vital to weight loss as a consistent healthy diet.

What Are the Safety Concerns?

While it is possible to fall off of a treadmill, especially if you get a leg cramp, it is unlikely that you will fall of an exercise bike. Another health concern is that your knees and feet will take quite a pounding on a treadmill while an exercise bike is low impact on those joints. Of course, anyone who has ever ridden an exercise bike knows that the seat can make you sore. That can be taken care of by bringing your own pillow to supplement the padding of the bike seat.

Which Should You Choose?

As with most things in life you must consider your personal preferences and health conditions when you choose between walking on a treadmill or using an exercise bike to lose weight. Ultimately the piece of exercise equipment that you choose to use should be the one that you will use faithfully. But if you get bored along the way with one, you can always switch to the other.

Technically you will burn more calories on a treadmill which will theoretically lead to greater weight loss. But that is the case only if you stick with it. Keep the greater calorie burning power of a treadmill in mind, and give it a couple of test walks. If the boredom doesn’t get you down, you have found your piece of exercise equipment.


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