Which Fat Burning Diet Is Best For You?

If you are looking for a fat burning diet, but are not sure which one is the right one for you, then use this information to help in your decision making.  Out of the literally thousands of diets available, there are some that claim to be specifically fat burning.  There are several diets to choose from, some more well-known than others.

Fat Burning Diet

There is actually a diet called The Fat Burning Diet.  The diet plan was written into a book by Jay Robb, a clinical nutritionist of 25 years, in 1996.  The book details a plan for you and includes recipes and meal plans.

This diet alternates between “high carbohydrate and low carbohydrate” days and also leaves one day of the week as a freebie; you can eat what you want in moderation.  This is a good plan for those that don’t want to give up carbs altogether.

Jay Robb’s Fat Burning Diet does not include an exercise or workout plan, so you will have to figure that out on your own.

Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet has been around for awhile, yet is still a popular low carb diet, meant to burn fat fast.  The premise of the diet is that when you strictly limit carb intake, the body has no choice but to start burning fat instead of the stored carbs.  This plan advocates lean protein and lots of veggies as the staples, and does have some prepackaged food choices available.

Although this is touted as a long term lifestyle, it’s not a good choice for someone who absolutely must have some carbs.  There is no recommended workout or exercise plan.

Fat to Fit

Another fat burning diet is the Fat to Fit program by Ray Burton.  This program is based heavily on workout and exercise plans, with options of doing it at home or in the gym.  You also have choices on whether to use dumbbells or your own body weight.  This book or online fat burning diet program outlines a fat burning eating and a 5-day eating menu, which takes out the guesswork.

This program is listed as $69 online, which is lower than the cost of personal training, but higher than the cost of a book (so weigh your options clearly).  Fat to Fit also heavily stresses workout programs that may be difficult to maintain over the long term.

The Abs Diet

The Abs Diet, a book and program written and created by David Zinczenko, is a fat burning diet that claims the key is in what you eat every day for the rest of your life.  It is really meant to be a lifestyle rather than a short term weight loss program.  This option does give exercise ideas, but focuses mainly on 12 core foods to lower body fat, particularly belly fat.  Some of the fat burning foods are: almonds, spinach, whey protein, lean meats, etc. This program is heavily geared toward men, unless you choose the book specifically written for women.

Once you choose the fat burning diet that is right for you, you can reap the benefits of losing weight and feeling great!


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