Which Amino Acids Are Present In Healthy Foods?

To get straight to the point, amino acid and amino acids foods are essentially the chemical base for protein and the building blocks for any organism. Protein is incredibly important to our body and is one of the largest components throughout. Amino acids are used to form protein, which allows us to build muscle, bones, hair, and skin, and it also benefits the health of our internal organs. Aside from this, amino acids are used to fight off viruses and disease and can help carry oxygen through the body.

Types of Amino Acids

What many people do not know is just how many different types of amino acids there are. There are in fact over 20 different types of amino acids, so it can be quite difficult to find the proper amino acids foods for your diet. There are essential amino acids that can only be evident in your body through proper diets, and non-essential ones which can be produced by your liver.

The key for losing weight and building muscle is finding out which amino acids are present in healthy foods. There are quite a few amino acids foods, but that does not mean that they are healthy, or that they will fit into your diet. In other cases, too many can be harmful to your body.

Here is a quick list on how you can fit amino acids into your diet, while still eating healthy:


Asparagine itself is used to balance your central nervous system and keep your body in control of everything that is going on. It can also ensure that the other amino acids foods you put into your body are converted properly by your liver, so you can get the most out of them. You can find asparagine in a lot of healthy and lean cut meat products. Stick to chicken or fish whenever possible to keep the calorie count down and the healthy fats present in your diet.


Arginine is an amino acid that seems to have an endless list of benefits. It can aid in weight loss by stimulating the growth of muscles and can help in the fight against high cholesterol. On top of this, it can build up the immune system, fight arthritis, detoxify the liver, and slow down the growth of major disease. The best part is you can stick to your healthy diet and ingest arginine through foods such as:

  • oats
  • nuts
  • wheat
  • soybean 
  • raw cereals

If you want to treat yourself, you can also find this amino acid in chocolate or carob. Yum!


Glutamine can help your body in a number of ways as well. It is beneficial for the building of protein, is a source of energy, and can be very helpful for dieters or athletes. The best healthy source of glutamine is parsley or raw spinach, so try stirring up a salad with spinach leaves instead of lettuce the next time you are preparing a meal.


Lysine is an amino acid that is used to promote healthy growth in the body, build muscle mass, and help your body heal and repair itself after injury or disease. It can also help you maintain a proper balance of nitrogen and improve concentration. There are a number of healthy foods that contain Lysine including:

  • potatoes
  • soy products 
  • lima beans

Lima beans are an excellent amino acids food that can also benefit you in a number of other ways.


Tryptophan provides a number of benefits to the body and most of them benefit your sleep cycle. Tryptophan can assist the body in producing serotonin, which helps put you to sleep at night, and can also decrease your appetite. This can be a great help with any diet or nutrition plan. Excellent sources of tryptophan that should be added to your diet are:

  • soy protein
  • cottage cheese 
  • brown rice

While these are just some of the amino acids foods and amino acids that can benefit your body, it gives you an idea of just how easy it can be to combine these nutrients with a balanced diet. Stick tight to your diet and consume some of the foods mentioned, and your body will get the jump start it needs to help you start losing weight, build muscle mass, and feel better about yourself.


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