When Your Fast Crash Diet Becomes An Eating Disorder…

When your fast crash diet becomes an eating disorder, it is time to evaluate your eating routine. This means cutting out the fad diets you have been following. Once you cut out these fad diets, you won’t necessarily gain back all the weight you lost, if you learn how to eat a more well-balanced and healthy diet.

Atkins Crash Diet

The Atkins Crash diet is a very popular one.  This is basically a low carb crash diet that eliminates carbs from one’s diet, especially during the first week. Withdrawal usually occurs, and this causes the body to use up the extra carbs it has stored for energy purposes. This can make one feel tired and jittery.

Crash Diet Foods

Other fast crash diets may have you eating certain crash diet foods. These foods can include: 

  • grapefruits
  • teas
  • a lot of cabbage soups 

You will lose a lot of weight quickly because the body will generally begin losing fluid. However, once you go back to eating regular foods, you will gain this weight right back. This can cause an eating disorder to develop since the body is yo-yoing between spurts of eating healthy and eating limited foods.

Skip the Diet

One way to avoid an eating disorder is to skip the fast crash diet and fad dieting altogether. Stick to eating a more healthy, well-balanced diet, and carefully monitor your calorie intake.


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