When to Add Fortified Foods to Your Diet

Fortified foods are foods that have been modified for the specific purpose of adding greater nutritional value to them. There are many times and phases of life when one’s nutritional needs vary and fluctuate. However, there are specific times when eating fortified foods is known to bring the consumer greater health, a better quality of life or strengthen one’s immune system.


Children have different nutritional needs than adults. Parents are often concerned about their children getting enough nutrition to thrive, especially when junk food is even served in cafeterias and convenience foods are cheap and tempting. If a child does not want to take a multivitamin, giving a child fortified foods is one thing that can really give parents peace of mind. From milk to crackers, you can find all kinds of snacks that are fortified to help a child’s diet meet his unique nutritional needs.

Children should receive regular physician check-ups. The doctor can help make sure that a child is developing properly physically and intellectually. If a doctor encounters any problems, he will often recommend a fortified diet for the child, before taking further action or tests. Well-meaning parents can serve their children balanced meals, yet still the nutritional needs of active children may be a challenge to meet. Fortified foods makes the job a whole lot easier.


Many vegetarians get all the nutrients that they need from their daily diets. However, it depends on the vegetarian. Things that vegetarians need to look out for are Vitamin 12, Omega 3 fatty acids and iron. Again, most vegetarian diets offer a sufficient amount of these sources, but vegans, in particular, should seek fortified foods to err on the side of optimal health caution. Luckily, a lot of vegan products are specifically produced with vegans in mind. Flaxseed, an important source for Omega 3 fatty acids for vegans, is often grind into cereals. Soy milks and rice milks are even available in fortified varieties.


When one is undergoing any type of illness, from a cold to a more serious health threat, eating fortified foods is a great idea. It’s at this time that one needs to be especially concerned with strengthening the body and its immune system. Fortified milks, snacks, meals and nutritional bars all work well. They help one physically, but it also helps one’s state of mind.

Cold and Flu Season

When it seems like everybody at the office is sick, people need to make sure they are getting adequate nutrition on a daily basis. Taking Emergen-C, a powder substance fortified with vitamins and minerals, may get one through the day. It’s supposed to do wonders for the immune system, but many people find that it is also a great booster to energy levels.


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