What's My Body Type?: Endomorph, Ectomorph, or Mesomorph?

Knowing how to distinguish the endomorph body type from ectomorph and mesomorph can help you find the best dietary plan that suits you. It is a well-known fact that each body type assimilates food in a different way and also that it reacts otherwise to training. In order to optimize both these aspects, no matter if you want to gain weight or to get rid of the extra pounds, you have to learn about the characteristics of each body type.

Characteristics of the Endomorph Body Type

The body of endomorphs tends to store fat, which leads to a wider and higher waist. Because there is a lot of adipose tissue, the limbs seem shorter. More than that, the upper parts of arms and legs are significantly thicker than the lower parts. Endomorphs also feature a specific skin texture and a particular shape of the head. More precisely, the head is spherical and the skin is soft. Since fat deposits predominate in the body of endomorphs, the muscles are underdeveloped.

Description of the Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorphs are found between the other two body types, and are generally described as muscular. Unlike endomorphs and ectomorphs, persons with a mesomorph body type have a well-developed muscle mass. This feature is observed on the entire body, so it is not uncommon for mesomorphs to have muscled digits. However, they share a feature with the endomorphs, specifically the large bones. Besides the muscles, the shape of the face is also defined precisely. The jaw is typically heavy and square.

While ectomorphs have a sensible skin and experience sunburns more often, mesomorphs feature a thicker skin that allows them to tan well. The texture of the hair is also known to differ between the body types, and it is noted that mesomorphs have a hair heavy in texture.

Ectomorph Body Type Distinctive Features

People who have an ectomorph body type are usually referred to as slim persons, as their muscles and limbs are elongated. Ectomorphs have a feeble constitution and face great difficulties when trying to gain weight. The chests of these persons are flat, and overall they do not feature a lot of muscle mass. Still, in their case it is not impossible to gain muscle, but it takes longer than usual. The lack of muscle mass also creates the impression that ectomorphs are taller than they really are. Moreover, ectomorphs do not have a lot of strength, and they have to do a lot of work in order to increase their strength levels.

The skeleton of people with an ectomorph body type is also distinctive. Their shoulders are small, and so are the joints. In addition, it is also easy to notice the lightness of the bones in ectomorph people. More simply, the physique of people with such a body type can be described as linear. Of course, the features of the persons with an ectomorph body type are even more obvious in the extreme cases, will have a receding lower jaw, as well as long fingers, toes and neck.


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