What to Wear if You Are Pear Shaped

Pear shaped women have larger hips and thighs and smaller busts and shoulders. Fashion for pear shaped women should focus on balancing the disproportionately-sized upper and lower halves of the body, and on drawing attention upward, toward the bust, shoulders, neck and face.

If you’re a pear shaped woman, read on to find out how dressing well can make you look slimmer and better proportioned.

Balance Is Key

Pear shaped women are disproportionately larger around the hips and thighs, so their outfits should be chosen for their ability to make the upper and lower portions of the body appear to be in proportion. A line skirts and dresses, short jackets and tops that end at the hip line, and boot cut jeans can all help to make a pear shaped figure look more proportioned. Tops with shoulder pads are a good idea for the pear shaped woman, as the extra width at the shoulders makes the upper half of the body look more balanced with the lower half.

Pear shaped women should avoid trousers with tapered legs, as these make the hips look wider. Pear shaped women should wear trousers that settle below the waist line, and they should avoid tight skirts. Boot cut jeans are great for pear shaped women, because the straight cut has a slimming effect on the thighs.

Choosing Colors and Patterns

Pear shaped women should avoid wearing bright colors and garish patterns below the hips, as bright colors and busy patterns on the lower body will only attract attention to the hips and thighs. But, don’t be afraid to wear bright, colorful, patterned tops to draw the eye upward, towards the bust, neck, shoulders and face. Square neck tops and wrap around tops are great for women with pear shaped figures. Halter tops, strapless tops and tops with one shoulder strap are great for the pear shaped figure.


Accessories are the pear shaped woman’s best friend, but only when worn above the waist. Belts and other below the waist accessories attract attention to the hips and thighs, but handbags, bangles, bracelets, necklaces and earrings draw attention upward, to the pear shaped woman’s shapely shoulders, bust, neck and face. Scarves, hats and other accessories also win for the pear shaped woman.

While accessories are great for pear shaped women, they shouldn’t overdo it, as too many accessories will look busy.


Footwear for the pear shaped woman should create the illusion of longer legs and a longer torso. Knee high boots make the legs look longer. Heels make a pear shaped woman look taller, leaner and more muscular. However, for daily wear, pear shaped women should select comfortable footwear that isn’t painful or harmful for the feet.


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