What to Wear if You Are Apple Shaped

Apple shaped women have round torsos and larger waistlines, but their busts and legs are average. Many older women share the apple body shape, though young women may be apple shaped as well. Many apple shaped women dress to hide their body shape, but apple shaped women can look fantastic if they accentuate their best features.

Follow these tips to dress according to your body shape if you’re and apple shaped woman.

Emphasize the Bustline

Apple shaped women should wear clothing tailored to emphasize the bustline and distract from the lower half of the body. V-neck tops are a good option for the apple shaped woman; they make the torso look longer and have a slimming effect. Ribbed fabrics and wrap around tops have the same slimming, elongating effect. Choose a fabric that’s neither too clingy nor too loose.

If you’re an apple shaped woman, your tops should fit loosely, but not so loosely that they hide your body shape altogether. Avoid chunk tops and thick fabrics that make you look bigger, and avoid tops with ruffles, complicated patterns or bright colors that attract attention to your torso. Tops should hang nicely over your torso without emphasizing your size, so skin tight fabrics aren’t recommended.

Layer Thin Fabrics

Apple shaped women can spice up their outfits by layering light fabrics, such as cotton tank tops and satiny camisoles, under a jacket or button down shirt. Layering light fabrics makes you look shapely, and light tops like camisoles often have fancy edging, beading and embroidering along the top, which can add interest to your ensemble and bustline.

Wear Longer Tops and Wide Trousers

Apple shaped women should wear tops long enough to hide their hips and waistlines. Jackets and button down shirts can look good when layered over tops are made of light fabrics, but should be longer than the tops layered underneath, while still long enough to hide the torso.

Trouser legs should be wide to help hide the hips. Wide trouser legs will fall nicely, and since they don’t cling to your body, they will have a slimming effect.

Emphasize the Feet and Ankles

Apple shaped women often have dainty feet and shapely ankles, so pretty shoes can help draw attention to this pleasing feature. Shoes with low heels are more comfortable, and they don’t cause postural distortions that call attention to a wide torso.

Wear Solid Colors

Apple shaped women should wear solid colors or simple patterns. Monochromatic outfits in dark colors have the most slimming effect. If a monochromatic outfit sounds boring, try wearing an outfit made from two different fabrics, or try an outfit in two different shades of the same color, such as royal blue and sky blue.

Focus on Straight Lines

The overall fashion advice for apple shaped women is to focus on outfits that emphasize the bust and create straight lines over the midsection for a slimming effect. Boot leg jeans and A-line dresses create this effect as well as wide trouser legs and loose, light tops. Avoid shoulder pads, however, as they tend to make apple shaped women look top heavy.


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