What to Look for When Choosing Organic Supplements

Organic supplements help the body obtain the nutritional components it needs to make it healthy, as most of the foods we buy today lack essential nutrients. There are many chemicals added to our foods from the moment they are planted, such as pesticides, to the time they are harvested and stored, like preservatives to keep them longer. By the time the foods reach our kitchens, the nutrients that we need have deteriorated to the point that we need supplements to replace those that were lost. The appearance of such foods may still show high nutrition. However, when analyzed closely, it will show that these foods have lower nutritional value than is expected from them.

Environmental and Lifestyle Factors

Pollutants are present in our surrounding and environment. We are exposed to them everyday. If your body has a weak immune system due to the lack of vitamins and minerals in the food that you consume, you are at risk of catching air born diseases easily. Furthermore, you become vulnerable in developing ailments and illnesses.

Choosing Organic Supplements

Organic supplements have become popular in the modern age. There are many companies that promise optimal health when you buy their products. However, you need to be able to separate organic supplements that are really good for you from the ones that can be harmful to your health. Dietary organic supplements should never be substituted for a prescription medicine or therapy. Think about the following when choosing organic supplements:

  • Know the ingredients of the organic supplements and what it supposed to do for you. Some companies include plant components in their products; such ingredients may become toxic depending on their activity in the body.
  • Natural ingredients in some organic supplements may not be suitable for people with certain health conditions. The supplements may interact with the medications they are already taking and can be dangerous.
  • Beware of claims that there is no overdose when taking certain organic supplements. Some products can be harmful when consumed for longer periods of time in high amounts or dosages.
  • Do not be tricked by high publicity. Sound judgment must be made based from research rather than popularity of the product at the time. Do not fall for advertisements of “quick fixes” or the new wonder drug discovery that can cure all diseases.

Nutrition Assessment

It is a good idea to visit your health care provider for advice on which organic supplements are best for you. Provide your health care provider with information of all the medications you are currently taking including organic supplements, how long you have been taking them and the frequency and dosage. This will help your health care provider determine your nutritional status and make a sound nutrition assessment.


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