What to Expect with the Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) is designed to relieve a wide range of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. It is an alternate form of therapy that does not involve delving into problems through extensive analysis or the use of medications.

About Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is rooted in the philosophy that many mental, emotional and physical ailments are a result of a blockage of energy in the body. EFT draws on a combination of applied kinesiology, acupuncture and Thought Field Therapy to help rid you of these energy blockages. Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, created this technique as a simple way for people to deal with their issues without extensive talk therapy or the use of sophisticated modalities or medication.

Studies on Emotional Freedom Technique

Many studies have examined the effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Technique. Anxiety, athletic challenges, depression, pain, physical symptoms, phobias, PTSD, weight loss and cravings are all areas where the effectiveness of EFT has been studied closely. Many of these studies indicate that EFT implementation does make a difference. Symptoms do decrease or disappear altogether for some people.

Additional studies are needed to understand exactly how EFT works. Is the impact truly from the technique or simply from giving attention to the issue? Are the positive self-assessments accurate or are they due to participants’ beliefs that the intervention is effective?

What to Expect from Emotional Freedom Technique

You can learn EFT from many free resources which cover the basics. You may also seek out EFT practitioners who have studied the technique extensively and practice it in their counseling, coaching or therapy profession.

In administering EFT, you learn the location of specific meridian points throughout your head, torso, face and hands. You then, using two fingers, tap on these meridian points for a minimum of seven times while repeating a statement that is pertinent to your specific issue or problem. For example, you may be upset with yourself for making too many mistakes at work. You would construct a statement such as, “Even though I am making many mistakes, I completely and truly accept myself as I am.”

The idea is that as you tap repeatedly and say this statement over and over, you are clearing out the negative energy associated with this statement. You are not delving into why you make mistakes or all of the times that others made you feel bad for making mistakes. You are focused on this statement alone and, over time, you experience less of an emotional reaction to the thought of making mistakes.


Emotion Freedom Technique is a relatively simple method that works to alleviate negative mental, emotional and physical symptoms for some people. It requires further research in order to be validated and deeply understood by the scientific community. However, it is easy to learn and to practice on yourself. You can seek out an EFT practitioner or learn the techniques on your own and practice them when alone.


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