What to Expect with Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss is one of the options that are available today if you wish to lose weight. This type of weight loss is particularly appealing to dieters who wish to shed off the maximum amount of weight within the shortest time possible. Types of rapid weight loss include weight loss pills, extreme diets and any method that can cause you to lose more than a couple of pounds a week. Here are some of the things that you can expect when you go through extreme weight loss.

Muscle Loss

Most rapid weight loss methods require you to undergo a very restricted diet. In fact, some diets will even prohibit you from eating solid food for a period of several days. Needless to say, such diets lack calories and nutrients – both of which are essential to your body in order to function properly. When you deprive your body of calories, your energy levels plummet. This means that your body has to look for other sources of energy. Even though fat reserves are also burned by your body for energy, this is often done as a last resort. Your body is more inclined to eat away your muscle cells for energy, resulting in muscle loss. If you wish to lose weight permanently then this could be bad news for you. Losing muscle mass will cause your weight to return once you resume your normal eating habits.

Loosening of Skin

Another side effect that you can expect with rapid weight loss is loose skin. Since you lose weight at a very rapid rate, your skin barely has the time to adapt to your new body shape. This results in loose skin that unattractively hangs, especially in areas such as the arms, buttocks and abdomen. If you’ve seen obese patients who have undergone liposuction then you’ve most likely seen how this condition looks. In most cases, surgery is often necessary to correct this condition.


If you are planning to lose weight rapidly by following a restricted diet then you will probably notice that your daily caloric intake will be reduced drastically. Even though it’s true that excessive calories can lead to weight gain, an extremely low caloric intake can lead to loss of energy and fatigue. Don’t be surprised if you find it tiring to do even the most mundane everyday tasks. Another downside of this side effect is that you will lose the strength to exercise, which is essential if you want to successfully lose weight in a healthy manner.

Hair Loss

If you choose to undergo rapid weight loss methods then it’s also possible that you might experience hair loss during the process. This could be due to the fact that hair requires protein in order to grow and remain healthy. Unfortunately, most rapid weight loss diets are not just lacking in calories but also contain very little protein, if any at all. This causes your hair to become brittle and dry. Gradually, these conditions can ultimately lead to hair loss.


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