What to Eat in Addition to a Breakfast Cereal

Eating a low-sugar, high-fiber breakfast cereal is a great and healthy idea for part of your breakfast. However, cereal alone is not a complete healthy breakfast. A complete breakfast should include other items that allow you to begin to meet each of your daily food group requirements. Therefore, in addition to your cereal, you should be including some other healthy food choices. Below is a list of some ideas of foods to include in your breakfast in order to make it more complete.

1. Fruits

One of the best things you can eat in addition to your cereal for breakfast is fruits. Fruits are simple to eat. They require no intricate preparation or cooking. They are quick, easy and delicious. There are so many choices, as well, and it will be hard for you to get bored with such a large variety. Also, you can cut up some fruits or simply add some berries right into your cereal to add flavor and nutrition. Some easy fruits items to add to your breakfast are apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cantaloupe, grapefruit and honeydew melon.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt, especially fat free or greek yogurt, is a great addition to your breakfast. It adds flavor and extra protein.

3. V8 Juice

V8 Juice is a great addition to your breakfast, if you like the flavor. This allows you to get in a full serving of vegetables in the morning which, in turn, will make it much easier for you to meet your daily recommended dose for the day. There are now varieties that add fruit, allowing you to get a serving of fruit in your drink and making the flavor more enjoyable for many people.

4. Toast 

Toast, especially from whole wheat or oat breads, is a good way to add more fiber to your breakfast.

5. Eggs 

Eggs are a wonderful idea for breakfast. Adding eggs to your breakfast helps you to add much needed protein to your diet. Eggs are also very versatile, and there are many ways to make them. Scrambled, boiled, poached and even with low-fat cheeses are some good ways to try.

6. Oatmeal 

Adding oatmeal to your breakfast is another tasty way to add more fiber to your diet.

For some people, they are too full after eating their cereal and could not possibly eat anything else. They are likely eating a larger serving of cereal than they should be. Keep in mind that most serving sizes of cereals are around half a cup to one cup. And, the amount of milk that is supposed to be used is usually no more than half a cup. You should not be eating a huge bowl of cereal for breakfast and nothing else. Try reading the serving size on the back of the cereal box and measuring out the proper amounts. You can also try using  low-fat or skim milk instead of whole milk, which can also be too filling for some people.


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