What Makes Chakra Yoga Unique?

If you are experiencing emotional upset or illness, you are likely suffering from an energy imbalance. Chakra yoga can help you balance the energy flowing through your body. The chakras are the seven energy centers of the body through which your life energy flows. You have likely been introduced to the chakras through yoga and meditation classes. They have been a foundation of yoga at least since the “Vedas” — India’s oldest texts — were written.

The spiritual, warm feeling you experience through yoga or meditation practice is achieved through a steady flow of energy through the seven energy vortexes running from the top of your head to the base of the spine. Each chakra sits at the interconnection of two or more nadis, or energy channels. By tapping into this energy field, you can tune into your inner most strengths. 

Tuning in to Your Chakras

We can heal our mind, body and spirit through Chakra yoga. Each chakra represents a certain life skill we aspire to achieve to live a virtuous life, such as compassion, self-acceptance and social abilities. Through life’s ups and downs, emotional upsets and stress, our natural energy flow can become unbalanced and blocked. Chakra yoga is a method of balancing energy, clearing blockages and recharging.

While Chakra meditation is one method of clearing energy pathways throughout the body, Chakra yoga can have an even deeper effect. Chakra yoga facilitates this cleaning process by coordinating yoga poses that impact each of the chakras. These poses are combined with breathing and meditation techniques to evenly distribute energy.

The 7 Energy Centers of Chakra Yoga

To understand how the seven chakras balance energy through Chakra yoga, it is important to understand the deeper meaning and symbolism of each chakra. There are three ways of signifying the seven chakras — part of the body, colour and symbol.

  1. Crown/above the head (violet)  – knowingness, connection with God or the higher intelligence
  2. Third eye/forehead (purple) – intuition, psychic abilities, self-realization
  3. Throat (blue) – relationships, self-expression, trust
  4. Heart-lung/center of the chest (green) – love, forgiveness, compassion, self-acceptance.
  5. Solar plexus/above the navel (yellow) – balance of intellect, self-confidence and ego, self-control
  6. Sacrum/below the navel (orange) – senses, feelings, intimacy, social abilities
  7. Root/spine (red) – survival, security

These seven chakras also integrate your consciousness with your subconsciousness and superconsciousness, or the universe. Accordingly, the chakras represent the elements of space, time, life, air, fire, water and earth, respectively.

Healing through Chakra Yoga

The unbalance in your energy flows can be related to issues going back as far as your childhood. Many yogis believe that these energy pathways can only be unblocked by addressing the underlying issues that caused the imbalance. Meditation is an important tool in recognizing and resolving these life issues.  

As your energy flows become balanced, numerous studies have shown strong positive physiological effects, including increased flexibility, a lower heart rate, and reduced hypertension. By tuning into the virtues of the chakras that are intrinsically a part of you, you can set your life on a healthier, more meaningful path.


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