What Is Your Anaerobic Threshold?

Though a term such as anaerobic threshold may seem confusing, it is a simple term with a simple meaning. It is a very reliable way of predicting your performance in aerobic exercise. In order to find out what your personal anaerobic threshold is, you can use one of several different methods. The most accurate test for anaerobic threshold requires testing your blood during a graded exercise test. Another test for anaerobic threshold that is rising in popularity is the portable lactate analyzer.

Labroratory Tests for Anaerobic Threshold

There is one way of testing for your anaerobic threshold that is known to be the most accurate, and that is taking a graded exercise test in a laboratory. This test will be comprised of a few different forms of exercise, during which the levels of difficulty in the routine will rise and fall. For example, the resistance or velocity on the treadmill will increase and decrease, and the cycling ergometer will do the same. These will happen at regularly distanced times. Samples of blood will be taken at each different change, and maximum heart rate and a few other things are measured. From there, the scientists and doctors will run a variety of tests, including the function of placing blood lactate levels against each different workout level given.

Portable Lactate Analyzers

Any good prtable lactate analyzer will have the same constant and reputable results as any laboratory testing that can be done. Even with the portable tester there is still a specific exercise test needed, and it must be chosen with care. Finding the correct exercise to test during takes wisdom and understanding.
There are several other ways to test your anaerobic threshold, but these are the two easiest and most widely used methods.

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