What Is Traumatic Stress?

Traumatic stress, also known as post-traumatic stress, is stress which is brought on by a traumatic experience. Many people who suffer from this have seen a traumatic death, accident or serious injury. Firefighters, first responders or police officers often suffer from this because they are often the first ones to see the accidents or a traumatic event.

What are the Symptoms of Traumatic Stress?

There are many symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Many people will experience sleeping problems. These problems may involve not being able to fall asleep because the thoughts of the experience keep running through their head. They may also have nightmares about the experience, causing them to awaken from a deep sleep.

Many people will be irritable because they are stressed out about the experience. They are often short tempered with their loved ones and co-workers. They may often feel anxious all the time.

People who suffer from this are easily startled. They may be jumpy when they hear loud noises. They may become scared easily if someone walks up behind them.

Many people who have suffered a traumatic experience have a hard time focusing on the task at hand. They have a hard time forgetting about the traumatic experience, so they cannot focus on what they are trying to do. This may affect their performance with their job or with their hobbies.

How Does One Deal With Post-Traumatic Stress?

There are several ways to deal with post-traumatic stress syndrome. Treatment may take a significant amount of time, as it does not just happen overnight.

Many people who suffer from this will need to seek the help of a professional therapist. A therapist should be able to talk through the experience with them and help them to feel better about the situation. Many emergency personnel seek the help of therapists in order to deal with the situations they experience on an everyday basis.

If seeking the help of a professional is not an option, talking to a trusted friend or family member may help. Sometimes just talking about the situation may help the person feel better and less upset about the traumatic experience.

People must find positive ways to deal with the stress. Joining an exercise group may help deal with the stress and help the body to release the stress. Eating healthy will also help them to feel better. Avoiding negative stresses such as alcohol and drugs will definitely help.

There are many different causes of post-traumatic stress. Whatever the cause of the stress, it is unhealthy not to deal with it. Not dealing with the problem can cause more problems with the individual. If you or a loved one is having a hard time dealing with a traumatic experience, contact your local doctor.


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