What is the Healthrider Total Body Fitness Machine?

If you are looking for a total body fitness machine, Healthrider is the one for you. Life usually feels like a roller coaster with extra work, stress and busy schedules, and you usually tend to ignore your body’s needs, especially when it comes to working out. We don’t forget to eat or drink, but we do fail to give our body the energy it needs to sustain our hectic lifestyles. Every cell in your body needs exercise; it needs to breathe and energise every sleeping muscle. The HealthRider total body fitness machine is just what your body needs.

The Early 90s Experience

This machine has been the ideal workout machine since the early 90s. The original one was a marvel. It made working out real fun. People realized the importance and need to exercise and it no longer felt like a Herculean task! Everyone loved it, thanks to HealthRider. The machine’s leverage system worked on every muscle in the body. Healthrider’s Rider is very quiet. You can switch on the television and exercise. This makes workouts fun. Before you know it, time will fly (and those extra pounds will disappear!).

Original Machines Re-modelled

HealthRider and HealthRider HR2 are two models of the original total body fitness machine machine. HealthRider’s SpaceSaver Design allows you to fold the base and pedals, saving adequate floor space. It also includes 20 personal trainer workouts, two heart rate workouts and two learn workouts (you can create them yourself). The Club Design BioLogicTM Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor monitors your heart rate as your exercise. This machine, which costs $999, also has an interactive iFit® Workout Card Technology, where the voice of a trainer guides you through the best workout methods.

HealthRider HR2 that costs $599 has an electronic display that keeps an eye on your workout regime; time, calories burned and progress made. Its Smart Seat design lets you adjust your seat to make you more comfortable. It’s a blend of challenge and fun.  Its new Fat to Thin workout DVD helps you exercise for 20 minutes a day and guarantees you’ll feel great in no time!

Let Your Body Enjoy the Workouts

For those of you who have no time to hit the gym, this machine is a lifeline. Don’t throw it away. Instead of being a couch potato, throw away your bag of chips, buy a HeathRider and get those lethargic muscles in action. You’ll see and feel the difference in a week. Before you know it, laziness, muscle aches and tiredness will be a thing of the past.


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