What Is the Fast Food Diet?

If you’re constantly on the go and find yourself taking a detour though the drive-thru for most of your meals, the Fast Food Diet may be perfect for you. It’s odd to hear the words “fast food” and “diet” in the same phrase–or too good to be true!–since most health and nutrition advice forbids fast food. The Fast Food Diet is the real deal. Before you get too excited, know that there are limitations in this diet plan. Here’s the scoop on the Fast Food Diet.

No Time To Cook?

We all know that a healthy home cooked meal is the best thing to eat, and controlling the ingredients and portion sizes of your meal is best done in your own kitchen. The problem is, realistically speaking, what’s best for you isn’t always doable. The Fast Food Diet is perfect for women who are limited on time, are constantly on the go or who simply don’t like to cook. All three meals of the day can be selected from fast food establishments. All you have to do is make wise food choices at these places.

What the Diet Entails

The fast food diet is pretty straightforward: you eat about 1500 calories per day and your meals all come from local fast food restaurants. In addition to your 1500 calorie intake, you need to take a one mile walk every day. Compared to other popular diets, like Atkins and South Beach, it’s not asking too much. There are, however, some rules by which you need to abide.

About Those Limitations: Make Healthy Choices

Let’s face it: you can’t eat fried food all day and expect to lose weight. Any kind of diet telling you otherwise is lying. While the Fast Food Diet affords you flexibility in choices and gives you permission to eat at places like McDonald’s and Taco Bell, you have to eat only the healthy menu options. The diet prohibits fried foods. No more sides of fries or fatty bacon cheeseburgers. You’ll opt for choices like grilled chicken sandwiches, chili, salads and yogurt cups. Most fast food restaurants offer healthier selections (and plenty of them), so you shouldn’t feel limited. 

Add In Your Own Healthy Snacks

The Fast Food Diet primarily focuses on breakfast, lunch and dinner. Between those meals you’re likely going to want a snack. Finding snacks at fast food restaurants can be challenging, as you’ll want to keep the caloric intake per snack at around 100-150 calories. You’ll need to stock up on healthy snacks from the grocery store. A piece of fruit or a handful of nuts are easy snacks to pack for a woman on the go. So, essentially the fast food diet isn’t composed solely of fast food. You have to improvise a little with snacks of your own.


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