What Is the Best Sports Nutrition Book?

There are so many sports nutrition books on the market these days that it can be difficult to go through them all and determine which is the best for you. When you do find the right one that will help you fuel your body for your intense workouts, you will begin to perform better and feel better as a result. Here are some of the best sports nutrition books available to get you started on a path of elevated physical fitness.

“Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook, 4th Edition”

This popular book by Nancy Clark is great for active athletes who do not have long hours to prepare meals. Offering a lot of straightforward weight management and sports nutrition advice, this book is one of the leading sports nutrition go-to books. Nancy Clark, a leading sports nutritionist, guides readers through the foods that you should be eating to reduce stress, control weight, boost energy, improve health and enhance workouts. The book contains sample meal plans, along with strategies on how to lose weight while still having the energy necessary to workout. There is also substantial information on how to eat before and after sports or games so that you have the necessary stamina during working out and heal quickly after.

“Advanced Sports Nutrition”

World renowned sports nutritionist Dr. Dan Benardot delivers the chemistry of how to improve performance in his book focused on maximizing training and performance through diet. The books highlights proper meal timing to maintain a balance of energy throughout the day, consumption of the proper amount of fluids and maintaining a body composition that is capable of intense power output and low excess weight. This book is a popular choice among both athletes, and it offers cutting-edge nutritional concepts.

“Endurance Sports Nutrition”

Leading registered dietitian Suzanne Girard Eberle uses her background as an elite endurance athlete to craft solutions for your training enhancement. This book features specialized information suitable for endurance athletes in a number of sports, including winter sports, water sports, extreme altitude and temperature events, road and trail running, mountain biking and triathlons. For the endurance athlete, Eberle’s book is a great resource packed with information on what works and what doesn’t.

“High Performance Nutrition: the Total Eating Plan to Maximize Your Workout”

This book offers a wealth of up-to-date information on increasing muscle strength, endurance and performance for athletes and those working to get in shape. Written by Susan Kleiner, a leading sports nutritionist, this book delivers a diet full of complex carbohydrates and low fat options that provide the body with the necessary nutrients to develop muscle and work out hard. There are special situations addressed here like older athletes and vegetarian athletes, as well as a 30-day diet plan and main course recipes.

If you are looking to integrate a new healthy eating plan aimed at increasing your muscle mass and energy to your workout routine, these are some great books to get you started. Pick one up today and begin making the changes necessary to have you feeling great.


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