What Is Rice Milk?

Rice milk is a type of milk made with rice. Because it does not contain lactose or animal proteins, it is most commonly consumed by people who are either lactose intolerant or vegan. Unlike soy milk, rice milk is not made with soy beans, and so it’s available for those who are allergic to soy.

Although pure rice milk lacks many vitamins and minerals, commercial brands are often fortified with calcium, iron B3, and B12.

How It Tastes

Unlike cow milk, which is generally homogenized over a large sampling of cows, rice milk is made with each commercial brand coming from a separate set of producers, which are not mixed with other producers. Because of this, every brand of rice milk will have its own distinct taste. Even if you try one brand and dislike the taste, be sure to try other brands before giving up on rice milk.

Rice milk also comes in many different varieties, including chocolate, vanilla or even coconut-flavored, for those who like a little extra flavoring in their milk.

In Other Cultures

In Japan, the most common rice milk drink is Amazake, which contains a small amount of alcohol. Amazake is made just like regular rice milk, except Koji is added to the mixture before the whole grain rice is pressed. Koji is the same fungus that is used in making sake, miso, and even soy sauce.


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