What is Low Impact Fitness?

Low impact fitness refers to exercises or physical activities that are not as strenuous as high-intensity workouts. If you wish to lose weight or tone your body without an extremely vigorous workout, then low impact fitness may be the ideal option for you.

Who Is Low Impact Fitness For?

A lot of people can benefit from low impact fitness. For instance, if you’re pregnant then it’s quite normal to expect that you will gain some extra pounds during your pregnancy. However, there is also the chance that you might gain a lot more weight than necessary. If you wish to keep your weight in check while you’re expecting, a few gentle low impact exercises can help you with your objective.

Low impact workouts are also ideal if you’re suffering from chronic pain like backaches, arthritis or fractures. Since you cannot move your muscles and joints very well, you need light exercises that will improve your strength and flexibility without putting much strain on your body. If you’re overweight and unable to perform strenuous exercises, low impact fitness can help you jumpstart your weight loss plan. The same goes if this is your first time to try working out and you prefer to start slow.

Walking for Low Impact Fitness

Walking is not just the most popular low impact exercise, but also without a doubt the easiest. If you want to take up walking as a low impact exercise, it’s important that you increase your heart rate if you want to benefit from it. One of the ways you can do this is to increase your pace. Walking too slow will do little for your heart rate, so it’s important to walk a bit faster. You can try listening to upbeat music while you walk to get you motivated. Even though walking is a low intensity workout, it also helps to add to the intensity from time to time. For instance, if you’re walking around the park or the neighborhood, try to add uphill paths to your route. You can also try swinging your arms around to increase your energy.

Other Low Impact Exercises

There are some other gentle exercises that you can try to achieve fitness. There are yoga and Pilates, for instance. Since the movements in these exercises are slow and gentle, they are less likely to put any stress on your joints and muscles. Since the movements also require you to stretch, yoga and Pilates can even boost the circulation in your body. These workouts also help induce relaxation.

Water aerobics is another popular type of low impact fitness. Water aerobics classes are usually joined by people who are overweight, pregnant, elderly or suffering from chronic pain. Since the exercises are done in water, there is little strain on the body. Devices like weights and kickboards can also be added to the routine for more variety.

Cycling is another popular low impact exercise. Keeping your pace moderate, you can cycle along country roads or around quiet neighborhoods. Invite a friend along for company to make the exercise more enjoyable.


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