What Is Kosher Salt?

Kosher Salt is a form of coarse grained edible salt that consists of the compound sodium chloride. Unlike ordinary table salt, kosher salt is not refined and does not contain iodine or additives. Since this salt is free of additives, food that is cooked with Kosher salt have a unique, enhanced flavor. Kosher salt has big crystals with a coarse texture that can easily stick to food surfaces. The salt can be easily measured, and it’s easier to handle. This is one of the reasons why Kosher salt has become a favorite among culinary chefs.

The Dietary Law

The term Kosher is derived from the Hebrew name “Kasher” which means purity. According to the Jewish biblical law, food should be prepared in a way that meets the Kosher standards. The preparation of meat for example, must adhere to the Kosher law; before meat can be approved for consumption, the meat should be made pure by using Kosher salt to remove the blood after it is butchered. If this method is not used, the meat will be considered impure, and will not be labeled Kosher.

Meat can be properly cured using this process. Due to the size of the Kosher salt grains, more moisture can be easily drawn out from meats, in contrast to ordinary salt. As a result, the flavor of the meat when cooked will often taste better. This method of curing meat is preferred by many people who are health conscious, and opposed to non Kosher foods.

In addition to curing meat, Kosher salt can also be used as a seasoning agent for foods, and vegetables to add flavor. When baking, it is recommended that you use ordinary table salt, instead of Kosher salt, since the salt is not easily dissolved in liquids.


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