What is Healthy Weight Loss for Kids?

As the obesity rate increases more and more every year in this country, it is fair to ask what is a healthy weight loss for kids.  There are numerous aspects involved when determining the answer to that question.  There is a healthy a healthy weight range for children, just like there is one for adults.  That range is calculated based on age, height and sex.  It is important to discuss any concerns you may have with your child’s weight with your doctors first, before beginning any weight loss program with your child.  Let’s take a look at some of the main factors involved when trying to decide what a healthy weight loss is for kids.

Implement a Nutritious Diet

While children’s calories should not be drastically cut in order for them to lose weight, instituting a healthy and nutritious diet will help shed that unneeded fat.  Children need food in order to fuel their bodies, so drastically cutting back on calories would be counter productive.  But choosing the right foods would give their bodies not only the energy they need, without the added “filler” calories found in junk or snack foods.  Such foods include fiber-packed vegetables, delicious fruits and low-fat dairy products. It is important to assess your child’s metabolism as well, when deciding how much they should consume.  Typically though, children need about 2000 calories before they turn 13 years of age.  When children turn about 12 years old, they typically need 2500 calories per day.  Now those are only approximate estimates and it depends on if the child is a girl or boy, how active they really are and how old they are as well.

Get Moving!

For anyone wanting to lose to weight, it is essential to get your body moving! If a child remains in front of a television, texting on their cell phone or playing video games on their computer all day, they are taking in calories and not putting that energy to use.  When those calories are consumed in excess and not used, then it simply converts to fat.  Get you child motivated and set an example for him or her.  Show them how fun it is to be outside.  Start with simple nature walks, collect flowers, assorted colorful leaves, or look for insects.  The outdoors is a great adventure waiting to be explored.  Once your child sees what nature has to offer, try some scenic bike rides out or hikes.  If you child shows some interest in certain sports or activities, get outside and practice with them!  As parents, you set an example for how a healthy life should be lead.  By your child seeing that you are interested in being physically active, they will want to be too.  Plus it is great time to spend one-on-one time with your child!  In addition, sports are essentially games for children and games are considered to be fun.  So as long as you keep being active enjoyable and not a chore, your child will see and learn that being physically fit is not only fun, but you will be sharing with them a life-long lesson.



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