What is Ghee?

Ghee is a form of butter, also known as clarified butter, that has both religious and food sustenance uses. It is very popular in several countries, including India and Pakistan.

How It’s Made

Regular butter is cooked until it separates into three distinct components. These components consist of milk solids which settle to the bottom of the cooking utensil, a film which rises to the top, and the Ghee. Once the separation takes place, the film is spooned off the top and the Ghee is very carefully poured off the milk solids, not disturbing the milk solids.

Ghee’s Unique Quality

Ghee is a type of butter that doesn’t require refrigeration as long as it is stored in an airtight container.

Religious Uses for Ghee

Ghee has many uses. In India it is used as a religious part of weddings and funerals, and sometimes religious figures are bathed in it. Ghee is also used as the primary fuel source for religious votive lamps.

Food Usages

The people of India and Pakistan use Ghee extensively as a foodstuff. Ghee is a healthier type of butter because the film and milk solids, where most of the fat is, have been removed.


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