What is Classified as Rapid Weight Loss?

If you are currently trying to lose weight as fast as possible, then you’ve probably considered rapid weight loss as a way to shed off the pounds. However, the fact remains that most rapid weight loss methods are considered potentially dangerous to your health. Some of the side effects that have been associated with these methods are hair loss, loose skin, dehydration, muscle loss, nutritional deficiency and gall stone formation. These serious side effects are enough to encourage anyone to do some serious research first before undergoing any type of extreme weight loss. Read on to learn what can be classified a rapid weight loss.

Weight Loss Pills

Diet pills and other weight loss drugs have been part of the weight loss industry for decades. In 1959, the FDA approved a drug called phentermine, a prescription amphetamine that was prescribed to obese patients whose weight was causing serious medical complications. The drug was designed to suppress the patient’s appetite, thereby helping them eat less and lower their weight. After the success of phentermine, many similar drugs followed suit. However, in 2004, it was discovered that these appetite-suppressing drugs caused heart problems. Other pills were pulled off from the market, but phentermine remains in production.

While some weight loss drugs help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite, there are also some diet pills that claim to prevent fat from being absorbed by your body. These are also considered rapid weight loss solutions and must be regarded with caution. Recently, the FDA released an official announcement with warnings against numerous weight loss pills, most of them manufactured in China. Many of these pills contained the substance sibutramine which is not listed on the ingredients. Sibutramine is similar to the drug amphetamine and when taken in large amounts, can cause heart disease.

Crash Diets

Any diet that claims to help you lose more than ten pounds in just a couple of weeks should also be considered a rapid weight loss technique. Medical experts state that a normal and healthy weight loss means losing only a couple of pounds each week, and anything way above this count could be dangerous. Some rapid weight loss diets prohibit you from eating solid foods while some require you to keep your daily caloric intake much lower than normal. This type of diet can result to a number of side effects such as nutritional deficiency, dehydration and fatigue.

Weight Loss Surgeries

Weight loss surgeries like liposuction are probably the most extreme among the rapid weight loss solutions. Liposuction can certainly help you lose body fat almost instantly, but it also involves an extreme operation. As the name implies, the fats are literally suctioned out of your body via a tube inserted into an incision, resulting in swelling and loose hanging skin. Aside from side effects like loose skin, numbness and scarring, it must also be stressed that liposuction is not a long-term weight loss solution. Without changing your eating habits and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle, it is likely that the fat will return.


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