What is Ceylon Tea?

Ceylon tea originated in what is known today as Sri Lanka. In the lat 1860’s, ceylon lost a majority of its coffee crop to the coffee-rust fungus. For 10 years, farmers showed an interest in growing tea plants, and in 1960, James Taylor began cultivating 19 acres of tea crops. These original crops would soon grow into the top produced tea in the world.

The Origins

Sri Lankan tea grows in an environment that is unparallelled when it comes to the production of hi-ghquality premium tea. A country located off the Southeast coast of India, Sri Lanka boasts ideal climates for the growth and production of tea with distinctive flavors and aromas. These pure high mountain-grown tea plants are harvested over 7,000 feet above sea level in a pristine area untouched by pesticides. Nourished by mountain rainwater, ceylon tea grows in a paradise capable of creating a the most widely sold tea leaves in the world.

Manufacturing Process

Each Ceylon tea leaf is plucked by hand in the high mountains of Sri Lanka, setting the harvesting process apart from most other tea regions that harvest with machines. Only the bud and two youngest leaves are cultivated because they offer the greatest flavor and aroma. After the tea is harvested, the leaves are cut to bring out the juices and begin the fermentation process in a well-controlled environment. Upon completion of fermentation, the leaves are fired to lock in the rich flavors of the tea. The final process involves separating the product according to color and size. 

The Benefits

Ceylon tea comes in a variety of unique flavors, tea types, and blends. New reports arrive daily showing the great benefits of tea when fighting against disease and preventing illness. Both green and black varieties of cylon tea have shown to greatly reduce risk of developing certain types of cancer including stomach, breast, colon, and skin cancers. Ceylon tea has also been shown to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycierides, and help to normalize blood sugar levels. 

Drinking green ceylon tea also helps to boost your metabolism, aiding in weight loss. A daily dose of 3 cups of green tea a day can cause you to burn up to 80 more calories a day. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, reducing inflammation and the development of arthritis. 

Black ceylon tea has been shown to reduce the growth of tumors, and lower your risk of developing clogged arteries, as well as suffering stroke or heart attack. Both black and green varieties of ceylon tea also greatly lower your risk of viral infections by boosting your immune defenses. 

Finding the Best

When shopping for ceylon tea, look for varieties labelled 100% pure ceylon tea. Often when the tea is packed and exported from Sri Lanka, other lower quality blends of tea from Africa and India are added to the product. Premium quality pure ceylon tea guarantees you are buying tea produced only in the mountains of Sri Lanka. You can enjoy a variety of flavors, including black and green varieties blended with fruits, spices, and other natural ingredients. 


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