What is Body Image?

Body image is a term that is used to define your self observation of your physical appearance. In comparison to other people’s body shape, you can have a negative or positive insight of your own image. We all have unique bodies, and this affects how we feel about ourselves, and how we are perceived by other people.

Body Image and Self Esteem

Body image and self esteem are closely linked to each other, since your body image can be a reflection of how you feel about herself. It’s wise to have a strong self appreciation of your body, and know that it is beautiful. If you feel confident about your body, you will have  higher self esteem and self worth.

If you have a negative view of your body image, you may feel insecure and have low self esteem. In some cases, people with a negative body image will have a distorted perception of the shape of their bodies. They will have a tendency to suffer from eating disorders, depression, and they could also develop a fixation with losing weight.

Accepting Your Body Image

Logically, we all know that beauty exists in all shapes and sizes. However, due to the media’s misconception and obsession of the perfect body, there are many people who might find it difficult to accept their appearance. They will feel unhappy, unattractive, and complain about their image. For example, they might feel insecure about their weight, facial features, and other parts of the body. They might even take a step further, and have plastic surgery to rectify these imperfections.




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