What is a Yoga Block?

Yoga props, such as a yoga block, are used to assist students with their performance of more complex poses.  There is an overabundance of equipment being used in yoga, but the block is one of the most popular among beginners and advanced students alike. They can be of great benefit for the poses that call for more flexibility.

What Is a Yoga Block?

Yoga blocks are made from a variety of materials including cork, foam, and wood.  The material used does not affect the quality of the block as long as it provides stable support and enough strength to sustain the weight of an adult.  More importantly, they have dimensions that are designed to meet the requirements of certain poses.  The blocks are approximately 9 inches in length, have a width of 6 inches and stand 4 inches high. Some blocks are also available in heights of 3 inches. Each dimension allows for a different use since the blocks can be used on the side, lying flat or standing tall.

Why Do You Need a Yoga Block?

Using blocks for standing poses is very helpful especially if one hand is reaching to the floor. Students often incorporate the block in the Downward Facing Dog pose to relieve pressure from the arms and upper body. Usually one block will help accomplish a pose, but for the committed student, two blocks may be needed. A few of the more advanced poses require the use of a yoga block. Since these poses demand time and practice along with a strong upper body, they are usually not suggested for beginners. Discuss the proper use of yoga blocks with your instructor.

Where Can You Find a Yoga Block?

Many studios have equipment to loan out or sell to students.  You can also find them in most sporting goods stores.  Yoga equipment is fairly easy to come by, and can even be found online through health and wellness websites.


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