What is a Weight Plate?

A weight plate is a piece of equipment used for working out. Most weight plates are round and flat and look like a wheel. These weight plates can be seen everywhere you work out or where fitness equipment is sold. You can use a weight plate to add extra resistance and difficulty to your workout.

Exercising on a Weight Plate

There are many different exercises that you can do with a weight plate, such as the wood chops. Using your weight plate provides more stress to your muscles. Your upper body muscles help you build endurance, balance and flexibility.

Wood chops are some of the most challenging weight plate exercises. To perform wood chops, do the following:

  • While you are standing up, spread your legs and tuck in your tummy. Keep your legs bent.
  • Grab your weight plate and lift the weight plate with both hands away from your right shoulder diagonally. Lower the weight lift on a diagonal pattern as if you are making an X.
  • Move the weight plate over your left shoulder and repeat the same pattern always trying to make an X.

While doing this exercise, remember to keep your core tucked in and do not move your legs. Use your abdominals, shoulders and chest to do the twist.

Tips for doing Wood Chops with a Weight Plate

While you are doing this exercise, look out for your shoulders as they have a tendency of moving to the front. Keep your shoulders straight and back.

If you are a beginner, do not lower or lift your arms all the way up or down. Start slow and then lift and lower more are you are getting more comfortable with the exercise.


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